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3.1 How to add products or services - single method (one by one)

First login into your ETR device manager
Step 1 Create the product or service category by selecting category maintenance > click Add
(Refer to attachment 1/4)
Step 2 Then create the product and nest it under the category you defined.
To create a product select sales > click on product maintenance > click Add
(Refer to attachment 2/4 and 3/4)
Step 3 Download the product you added to the TrackSol ETR.
To do this on your ETR, select admin > update > Enter
(Refer to attachment 4/4)

4-How-to-create-a-product-category.png 4-How-to-create-a-product-category.png
4-How-to-add-a-product-or-service.png 4-How-to-add-a-product-or-service.png
4-Sample-filled-in-product-creation-form.png 4-Sample-filled-in-product-creation-form.png

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