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3.2 How to add products or services - bulk method (upload file)


First login into your ETR device manager

STEP 1. Select Batch upload.

Find this under Sales > Product Maintenance > Batch upload

STEP 2. Download the product creation template file.
Find this under the Product Information section. Select the Download Tab

STEP 3. Fill in the template file correctly

(Refer to the sample filled in template file explaining how to do it right)

STEP 4. Upload the filled in template file.
Under the product information section,
Select the choose file tab and then select the template file you just created and saved.

FINAL STEP. Select upload.

The TrackSol ETR device manager will respond with a success screen message if you uploaded a correct file.
If you uploaded a wrong file, it will respond with an error screen describing the error on the file.

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